Our mission

The NZSMA is a non-profit trade association serving the handcrafted soap industry in New Zealand. The industry is diverse, encompassing up-and-coming artisan soap makers, established soap businesses, vendors who provide products and services to the makers, and the general public as consumers of handcrafted soap products.

The mission of the New Zealand Soap Makers’ Association is:

1. To promote the interests of soap makers of all levels and serve as a collective voice for soap makers in New Zealand.

2. To encourage safe soap making, learning, information sharing and promote cooperation in matters of common concern.

3. To promote professional soap making and set industry standards.

4. To provide New Zealand market, regulatory and other information to soap makers.

5. To form alliances with businesses, organisations and agencies that can advance the interests of soap makers in New Zealand.

6. To promote and educate the public about the handcrafted soap industry.