Why join NZSMA?

NZSMA membership solves problems. A lot of problems.

Membership is an investment in learning and knowledge, in networking and industry recognition, and in growing your business. But more than that, NZSMA membership gives soap makers a collective voice, because together we can achieve so much more!

Keeping up to date with the latest trends, techniques, advice, and industry news.

The NZSMA eMagazine is a New Zealand-oriented bi-online monthly publication. It is free to members and full of soap related news, information, tutorials, competitions and giveaways. (Click on the image below for a free sample)

Several times during the year we invite local and international guest speakers to share their knowledge and passion with our members.

Creating credibility in a crowded marketplace.

Credibility is earned through consistency and good quality. But how to stand out in this crowded industry? In an effort to promote safe and good soap making practices, NZSMA is working on developing industry standards and an accreditation program that will benefit not only the public, but will help raise the quality and credibility of soap makers in New Zealand. NZSMA accredited members will be able to use our logo in their communications and business paperwork.

 Member Discounts

NZSMA Members are able to stretch budgets and grow bottom lines by taking advantage of member discounts. Thanks to the support and dedication of our vendor partners, NZSMA helps its members to lower business costs by offering a wide range of member-only discounts.

Market and Vendor opportunities

NZSMA’s Market and Vendor database is an upcoming tool offered by NZSMA. With one click of your mouse, you’ll be able to access market and vendor information, as well as unique job opportunities throughout New Zealand.

Public liability insurance

Insurance is one of those things that every soap maker hopes never to need, but should always have … just in case. NZSMA has you covered. Join our group public liability cover for access to top insurance cover for lower fees.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Think you’re alone? With NZSMA membership, no matter where you are, there’s a colleague close by. Soap makers often work alone, but with NZSMA membership you’ll have other colleagues to lean on. NZSMA Members will be able to access the exclusive NZSMA Facebook group.

Annual Conference and Trade Show

Unfortunately COVID-19 has put a hold on shows, but hopefully in near future we will be able to offer an annual NZSMA Conference and Trade Show, where NZSMA Members can learn, meet, and try out new exciting products and techniques, all under one roof.

Additional Member Resources

Whether you are a novice setting out on your first career steps, a veteran with years of experience, or just looking for the right reading material, you’re in the right place at NZSMA. In our member section, members have access to additional resources, regulations and business information specific to New Zealand.

Whatever you need, NZSMA membership has it.

The NZSMA is open to soap makers in New Zealand and world wide with two membership classes: Full Membership for those in New Zealand and Associate Membership for those outside New Zealand. Join us now here!